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Thank you for saying this!! I wanted to create a post but didn’t know how to go about doing it, but you did it!

It annoys me so much seeing multiple members almost bashing new or other members for not following the guidelines to a “T”
It’s such a turn off for new members to be greeted like this, and not once, but over and over again. It’s as if some IFC members want to make REGULAR so badly that they have to jump on every post and critique what was done wrong. I see this to much out of some people. It’s so sad. Especially for the new members who try something for the first time and get shut down so rudely. Just PM the person a polite message instead of calling them out so everyone else can see how “knowledgeable” you really are.


I agree, but: Voting for your own request has never been a requirement. All I am saying is, we don’t need other people to jump on it and repeat “Remember to vote for your own feature!” or something, especially in a public reply.

Again, good point, but Chris_S has said to leave most support topics to the staff.

Interesting points raised here. However I feel like in my opinion they all loop back to these topics made by moderators. I mean everyone was once new and can ask questions. No need to bash some TL0 and say the question was answered in 2015.


And sometimes…

Just my opinions here. I mean these problems have probably been raised before and they need to be re-visited at some point.

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About #support, I mean if I have experienced a problem that is being reported and managed to solve it on my own, does it mean that we shouldn’t try to help since we’re not in the support team? I get it, blindly posted posts such as the common “reinstall and try again” become broken records and annoying, but if someone managed to solve the issue in question, at least it would be best to give them room to offer assistance.

I’m not saying dont try to help if you are knowledgeable of the subject. Just make sure you are helping and not hurting.


I’m going to bump this. The community is obviously stressed with the world situation and the upcoming update and it’s getting to our minds.

I just saw something that really disappoints me. There was recently a topic asking a perfectly reasonable question, but it was met with what almost was hate. That is way too far. We need to review the basics of kindness.

I am in now way narrowing this down to anyone. I just want this community to treat people kindly.

Thank you for your time.


Well said 👏

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^^^ The “and” here is unnecessary. It can be taken out :)

All jokes aside, great post. Definitely very helpful to all!

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Thank you!

I thought I was the grammar police 😂
I’ll fix it

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Not anymore. I will take that title and have the mods insert it under my name 😂

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