A better future of TS1 and TS2

I know what you are thinking, this topic has been opened and shut down many times.

However, I have a different method of presenting this problem.

So I just completed a flight from KLAX to KNUC. And when I was on final in KNUC a B747 entered diagonally and cut in front. Luckily, both of us was able to land safely without crashing.

My point is that TS1, needs to have a stricter policy. I completely understand that it is Training Server, meaning it’s for training. However, that B747 was Grade 2, THEY KNOW HOW TO PLAY! I’m saying that system for people above Grade 1 should have a stricter policy.

People would respond by saying that it’s training server, leave it alone. But my point is that,

Are we going to leave this chaotic alone? I don’t think so. People above Grade 1 should have stricter policies against them, while Grade 1 pilots can have a more light policy. We can’t leave this chaos alone, we have to change.

And as Donald Trump might say, “Make TS1 great again!”


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You could see the B747 ahead.

I have two points:
-Why are you landing a commercial airliner at KNUC its a Military airport.

  • I agree that some thing needs to happen but the issue no one can agree on what to do. I don’t know want you can do.

@AdamCallow Why am I landing a commercial plane there does not matter. I tonnes of commercial planes there in IF. However, we could implement Expert Server-like policies on TS1/2 for pilots above Grade 1.

It does. A lot.
You’re not really doing much good for the TS1 and TS2 servers by landing a civilian plane on a military airfield. C’mon, at least lead by example right?

And you’re doing your point major injustice by quoting Donald Trump. Just gonna leave it there.

Yes people on TS1 and TS2 can be annoying but why focus on the unhappy things? Appreciate the nice people on training servers too!


However, I have a different method of presenting this problem.

I was hoping you would post a solution after that, but you didn’t. The whole point is, there is no idea yet of how to fix the chaos of TS1/2. Why? Since IFATC just control on the Expert server and non-IFATC controllers don’t have the ability to ghost. Point is, there is nobody enforcing rules on TS1/2.

Conclusion, this is kind of a useless topic since there has been numerous topics as this one, all without a solution.


Just my opinion,but I don’t think that banning grade ones will fix the issue as not usual a lack of flying abilities(if you can turn base and final 0.5nm in a B747 and land no bother then you deserve a medal), it’s lack of listening to ATC. I can’t see a way of fixing this though.


I don’t think it’s a problem that he’s landing at a military airport. As much as it wouldn’t make sense IRL, this is a game, and he can do what he wants (there’s tons of civilian aircraft there, and I don’t mind landing there myself). Anyway I agree with the first guy. I don’t think it should be restricted like expert quality, but at the moment, it’s patrolled like the casual server. To “train” or improve, you have to be put in reasonable conditions. In the current server, people can do what they like and nothing happens to them. I hate it when I’m forced to go around after someone enters the runway without being cleared or someone cuts in front, and there needs to be admins watching and policing the training servers. I don’t mind if there’s a seriousness level of servers (like server 2 wouldn’t be policed as much, but server 1 would be), but at the moment it’s a casual server with ATC. Not a “training server”. We need a solution to this

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Its a rather solution to all of this though.
Fly casual or expert.
If you feel that the TS are not for you, there are 2 other servers for you :)

I know, but the rest don’t have the same occupancy. It’s more fun to fly with more aircraft in the skies

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It’s either flying with more planes on TS1/2 or flying with, sometimes less, planes on Expert but with everyone following the rules with great ATC.

Since I don’t see a short term solution for TS1/2, you have to decide between the two of those. Or just switch between those two when you want.

If people are all againstme, I don’t think I should expressing my ideas. I can see that TS1/2 can improve. But now, let’s leave as a mess and a confusing chaos. Ok?

Although he entered the runway when you were on final, you should’ve went around.


How about this training server 1 only for grade 1 pilots and training server two only for grade 2 pilots. Every one is happy ok bye 😉

Just as a note, KNUC has small passenger flights that do operate out of it, and it has a tiny passenger termial

Actually People do fly commercial on The Expert if soCal is Active…
You should’ve go around

@Gman good idea. Finally, someone who was bright enough to solve the problem, rather than criticise it.


This would not solve the problem. Even grade 4s and 5s do this because the thing is people go “oh it’s the training server it doesn’t matter”. The whole point of people wanting to fly on TS1 is that there is more traffic. Doing this would only spread the traffic out. Also @SirPilotOfAviation don’t criticise us for giving our opinions, that’s what you asked for.

The only way I can see the current situation getting any better is if we have certain people who fly round the training servers who can ghost. There are issues with this though.
1- People can get bored of doing this and might abuse the system.
2- No one learns anything from being ghosted.

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Yeah I know but how many people do you see on the community complaining about why this or that happened on the training server. It ends up being closed and everyone says fly in expert . If grade two are allowed on trainiyserver two and grade 1 pilots fly on training server then that will increase better flying from grade 2 pilots and grade 1. The grade 1 pilots who want to be a bunch of nimrods will learn there lesson and stay in training server with a bunch of other nimrods and the grade 1 pilots who are behaved and follow all rules will be ranked higher and fly on training server 2 where a bunch of trained grade 2 pilots are behaved . Grade 2 and higher have the option to still fly on training server 1 . This will help the useless complaints about the training server 1 and nimrod pilots. And it would be better for pilots that actually want to do some good flying on the training server and it will help pilots advance to the expert server :)

@all should I give up in IF TS1/2? (Insert face palm)