A Beginner's Guide to the Forums

I have searched long and hard and it seems no one has made a tutorial on the community. All these new members flooding in need some help to understand the guidelines, profile setup, trust levels etc-.

Lets give them help through this thread with a tutorial for new members!

Learning the Community


For those new members the hardest thing to do is start. Where they can start?

Before anything you must learn about our trust levels. What are trust levels? Trust levels are levels of rank in which a player can earn on the community. The higher the rank the higher the privileges. As a new member you will start out as basic.

Follow this link to the trust level page, which gives you an idea of what needs to be completed before upgrading your rank.

  • Basic
  • Member
  • Regular
  • Leader

Rules and Regulations

Yes it might be a pain but we do have laws and guidelines here at the community. Make sure to read through all the guidelines this can help you through the community.

(Click Here)

Getting started

Now lets get you started! Probably the first thing you need to change is your profile. Having an active profile and biography will help boost popularity. People probably feel more comfortable around you.

To edit your profile simply tap on your profile picture located to the top right of the screen.


Once inside, this will show your activity. Click on it once more to get the full size page or tap/click the settings pictures. This will take you to your preferences. Scroll down and edit your profile pic, background, background card, information etc-.

Now you have a profile you can begin browsing the community. To search a category simply tap on the stacked pile of books, next to the profile picture. If you want to search a thread directly, press on the magnifying glass.


Creating a topic

When you’re creating a topic you must make sure you have read the community guidelines, because this may affect what happens to your thread.

As a basic your privilege to create threads in other categories is limited, I personally suggest you stick with General for the time being. As your rank increases, more and more categories will unlock!

When creating a topic you must tap/click the + New Topic this will slide open a page from below. Here follow the boxes to where you place your information.



General: If anything that you want to discuss doesn’t fit in these categories put it in General.

Broswing threads

To browse the threads just scroll through each category. If you want for example the latest threads go to the stack of books and click Latest at the top.


Whats a badge? Badges are little achievement like things to help gain your upgrade to another level. To view them go to your profile and click Badges.


Flagging is a form of report on a thread/post. If a post or thread is not following a guideline properly, flag it and it will be sent to a staff. But this can happen to you and doesn’t help your level.

Virtual Airline Category - New!

In the virtual airline category, you must first be a trust level 2 member, before you create threads.

When creating any thread for this category, it can only be virtual airline/group/alliance related. Or in some cases other discussions that are affiliated with virtual airlines.

What if you see a VA that you want to join? Most likely the instructions will be on the post, on how to apply for that VA. If not they will usually have a website which should have a member system for there VA.


Very nice tutorial Oli! Thanks for making it!


No problem since I can’t exactly edit it since it will move back, could you just delete the bottom where it says[quote=“Skylines, post:1, topic:27603”]
Hope this helps! Also can a regular please move this to tutorials


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Only Infinite Flight tutorials belong in #tutorials


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Very nice Skylines. There should be a “Student Pilot” section (or something along those lines) just for us new members to post in to introduce ourselves. This post here could be pinned there so new people have direct access to it


Great post, perhaps should be pinned somewhere where new guys can read it soon after signing up?

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Better discuss that with a staff… :)

@Griever great idea, better put a request


system send automatically a welcoming message in the DM box

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Thank you so much!

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We have have a huge influx of new members recently, especially since the update. Please refer people to this thread and/or any relevant tutorials. Ta


Wilco Misha


Wildo Mishacamp :)


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Oh ha ha, Na just wil d o

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A VA section has been added.

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