A Beginner's Guide to the Forums

@Ethan1234567 Get to know people, attend a few events, make some topics. In other words, be active and productive on the forum.

@DiamondGaming4 yes I have done that I want to make events

You earn trust levels by staying active and contributing. Post, read, and like every day and you will be well on your way.

You have only been here for a one day. Please be a bit patient and as others said, be a productive member of this forum and you’ll get there. :)


Ok thanks for your help11☺️☺️

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Ok I don’t want to be “that guy” but I’m gonna ask.
I’ve been on this forum 20 days and have 20h read time, 18 topics created, 6k posts read. According to the TL page I should be member but I’m still basic

The requirements stated in “Trust Levels” are not the exact same as the one the moderation team has established. Just keep doing what you are doing, don’t get that many flags, and you will be at TL2 before you know it! :)

I recommend you read this:


Oh that makes sense now. Thanks

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Thanks for making this.


Just a question, how can I see what trust level I’m on?

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Just look at your Profile Sumary, and you will see what Trust Level you are at, you’re currently TL0 (New User) as you have just recently joined.

Welcome to the Community!

make sure to review our guidelines ;).

Ok, thanks for clarifying.


I’m a little late to the party, but. I’d thought this help out anyone new if I gave it a lil bump

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And another bump here

You know this is already pinned:

Maybe no need for bumps on this…

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But if some tl0s or new tl1s have questions and the topic is closed after 3months than they must make a new topic thus cluttering the category

Just because something is pinned doesn’t mean they read it, getting this infomation out will help them if they don’t read it

We are redoing this thread internally. Please continue to link this to new users until then.