A beautiful Wizzair Group Flight. EGGW-LCLK

Hello everybody

Some hours ago, I hosted and internal event for @WizzVirtual. It was a nice and massive (not at all) group flight from London Luton to Lanarca, a nice city in a island, with a really underrated airport. We had some fun with it, and funny moments: from heavy turbulence, to a nice VOR visual to runway 4 at Lanarca, to being intercepted by @NJ24 (don’t worry, he is in WZZVA too and he respected the rules). Im terribly sorry for that @DannyHL and @Jakub_Astary. ;)

Actually, NJ24 grabbed the F22 and decided to escort some of us a bit… It was fun, and it was a pleasure to have him on the flight, even just 7 minutes.

Anyways, going into the positive thing. It was a really pleasant flight and It was a great pleasure on hosting it as the Events Manager of WZZVA. I’ve got some great shots that I would like to share.

Information of the Flight
  • Server: Expert
  • Aircraft: Wizzair A320
  • Route: EGGW-LCLK
  • Flight Time: 4:12h
  • Date of depature: 2021-04-11T16:00:00Z

The WZZVA mood has been activated.

A nice line for depatures at runway 25 :)

Liftoff! Lifftoff from Luton Space Center Airport

Cruising over Netherlands, near Amsterdam.

@DannyHL @NJ24 approved? jeje

Passing over the airport as we bombard approach LCLK with the VOR circle to land RWY 4

Seconds from Touchdown. It was a really nice one. @Jakub_Smolen rated it as Im not going to say it. But it wasn’t bad ;). I defeated you today, Airbus GPWS ;)

And here we are, parked at the gate with the other members deloading Pax and Cargo

Aaand, that’s it. Thank you so much for taking a look at these pics :=)
Here is a pro tip for flying good: Just Crash ;)

Now serious: Happy landings and stay safe.


Looks awesome! Shame I missed out :(

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looked fun!

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Thank you @Kurtis @Liam_Kirk :)
Indeed, it looked fun


Looked liked a fun flight. And incredible shots!

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Yes, it was. Thank you

Amazing screenshots and beautiful planes ;)

Too bad I couldn’t join, but I’m glad our VA is pretty active!

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Well, let’s see if you join the next one:)


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Looks incredible @JetSuperior5192 you certainly have been busy with the flyout event at Lima on 10th as well.
Great job!
Look forward to the next Wizzair Group Flight 😎✈️

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Nice Shots!!!

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@tjb0709 @CaptainAli_yt I appreciate your appreciation:)