A Beautiful Sunset | Spotting @ CYVR | August 31st, 2019

Hello IFC! Here are some photos from last summer in Vancouver.

Shot on Nikon D7500 + Tamron 100-400 & Tamron 45 1.8

Session started off right, my first time catching Lufthansa’s new livery.

Alaska’s E-Jet makes an appearance. Don’t think I can overstress how clean these look.

Xiamen pulled up at the very start of golden hour.

Not long after, here’s Mr. Livery-Needs-An-Update

Golden hour’s peaking.

As the sun went down, this angle became increasingly more appealing.

Flying Forehead arriving (I feel like a total eurospotter with this edit but that’s alright)

As the sun sets below the horizon, it left a brilliant orange flare.

Quick location swap and we’re here to get Tindi before it gets dark.

Finally, Air North parked up at South overnight.

Your favorite shot?

  • Lufthansa
  • Alaska
  • Xiamen
  • Air China
  • WestJet
  • Edelweiss
  • British Airways
  • EVA
  • Air Tindi
  • Air North

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Some plugs:

Jetphotos: https://www.jetphotos.com/photographer/133954
Airliners: https://www.airliners.net/user/AndrewWu03/profile/photos
Airplane Pictures: https://www.airplane-pictures.net/photographer.php?p=73843
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cyyz.spotting/


Nice photos! I love the first one!

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Better than euro-white in my opinion, I really like the stripes on aircraft.

The Lufthansa A350, awesome job! The Air Tindi Dash-7 looks amazing, unique plane there. And as for the Alaska E-175, it does look so clean, and quite possibly, it’s my favorite E-jet livery. All-in-all, you did an amazing job!

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These are some pretty amazing shots at my favourite airport! I absolutely love these!


I really love your photos there always amazing! 😀

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Beautiful pictures (as always)!

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Holy cow. That’s amazing! 😍

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Probably the top3 of your spotting topics. That BA A380 is insane. Imma try to hit the sunset in a few weeks but there’s no way I can replicate that. Only thing that’s good here is panning in the evening

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I think Air Tindi Photo suited Vancouver’s Scenery which is the mountain range! It’s a really great photo!

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It looks better on the A330 than any other aircraft in the fleet.

Thanks guys!

The BA was a lot of editing it definitely didn’t look quite as golden before. But good luck and let me know how it goes. The Charlotte skyline shots are pretty cool.



For sure! Sadly due to some clouds earlier in the day I couldn’t get good shots of the planes w/ mountains

Awesome pics again @AndrewWu❤️

Thank you!

Fantastic shots of the Lufthansa A350 and Edelweiss A340! Also some great other pictures! Thanks for sharing!

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Awesome shots!

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Beautiful, love the Alaskan!

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Thanks guys!


Absolutely stunning pictures! YVR certainly has a wide variety of airlines as well as planes. Love it!

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Being Swiss, I’m obliged to vote for Edelweiss. Those are truly fantastic pictures, nice job! 👏🏼


Some very nice pics but had to go with the LH 350 😍😀👌

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