A beautiful, relaxing flight with the 757

Through all the anger and frustration of the 757 livery selection, comes some relaxing, and pretty photos of the reworked 757. The devs did an incredible job on the 757, and we hope to see the same on the A333
Here is some info about the flight
Airline: TUI
Aircraft: the newly reworked 757 of course
Flight Time: 1:34

Pushing back out of gate 85 in Birmingham

Blasting off on runway 15

Cruising over the English Channel @ FL360

Flying over southern Germany as we start our descent into LOWI

Making our final bank as we turn towards runway 26

Gear down and on final runway 26

Buttering the landing on 26

Parked at the gate while passengers deboard with some beautiful scenery
(P.S. please don’t make this the AMX 757 page only comments on the pictures no livery drama, thanks)