A beautiful Qatar Executive G650ER stopped by at Wellington!


These are amazing photos!

The lighting is amazing 🤩🥰😍


Thanks, the evening light was great!

Welcome back to the forum! These pictures are really neat! I wonder what brought them to Wellington! My favorite photo is the 1st one, it looks like something that would be on a manufacturers website!

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Some very cool pictures of this sleek jet! Especially the light in the left Engine looks amazing. Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks! According to FR24, they arrived in from Kuala Lumpur. I would have to say, the first is my favorite as well (;

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Cheers mate!

Awesome photos! One of my favorite aircraft. Hopefully we get to fly it in IF one day. Qatar must have a couple G650ERs, as the one I’ve seen has the actual Qatar livery on it…

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