A Beautiful Parallel Arrival

So today I decided to fly to SFO on the 777-200, and it was also my first time ever having a parallel landing! 777 vs 737, who do you think won?

Aircraft: United 777-200

Route: KIAD - KSFO

Location: KSFO

737 in the lead on final!

777 pulls through at the end to get ahead!

737 taking the lead once more on the ground after landing!

Incase you’re wondering, @CaptainCloud was flying the 737!

Hope you guys enjoyed the photos! See you in the skies!


Bro I was timing my speed on landing just to get the perfect photo.Great flight!

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Haha yea same I was trying to get next to your plane as best as I could. Worked out great!

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Yeah definitely. Happy flying!!

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Hey I think I may have seen you guys landing. Was KSFO tower and approach online when this happened? And was there an md11f on runway 28R that landed before you?

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Nice shots! I departed at SFO to and saw @CaptainCloud landing in a 737 I believe. (before this was taken I think) I was in a United 787-9 at the time. Happy Flying!


@callaa Yes they were online however I don’t remember that MD-11F.

@Captain_ATK Thank you!

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I looked more carefully at the pictures, and the planes I saw landing were directly next to each other so it wasn’t you. But these screenshots are still stunning!

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Nice shots mate ! Parallel landings are unique in SFO !

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Thanks man! Yea SFO is iconic for them!

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