A beautiful flight to the home of a very blue airline

I was given the opportunity to fly with @MishaCamp on a stunning route from Sendai to Seoul Incheon! We even tried out some fun VC landings!

The flight was conducted on the expert server as always with the stunning Korean Air Boeing 737-900 livery in action today! Flight time was also just around 2:15.

Enjoy the photos!

  • Misha had just pushed back when I spawned in so I managed to get a nice screenshot of that

  • Misha blasting out of a hazy Sendai with me taxiing

  • Flying over the beautiful mountains surrounding Sendai on our departure out

  • There was nothing else to point out during the flight so I am skipping straight to the landing! According to Misha mine was great for a VC landing! So I am very happy about that

  • Me and Misha letting the passengers deboard and watch a Peach A320 land

I hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I enjoyed the flying!