A beautiful flight in a beautiful livery! MAD-CUN

Hello everyone. Welcome aboard to another #general topic (yeah, is a #general topic). Yesterday I made a flight from Madrid to Cancun with a very underrated livery. We flew with Evelop!, in the marvelous A359, on a 9:50h flight. It was a pleasant one. Obvioisly, I’ve got some feature requests to show oh yes Im crazy today ;)… I mean… screenshots.

Anyways, let’s get into these fancy pics.

Get Rickrolled lol

Aircraft and Livery: evelop! A359
Date of depature: 2021-04-03T02:00:00Z
Flight Time: 9:50h estimated

Loading Passengers and Cargo for this nice trip to a famous Cancun.

Take off power set!

Gear Up! A smooth depature!

The tail always warns you. If you ignore this livery you will be pardoned

A great scenery as we leave Portugal bound to the desert

Hello Miami and Fort Lauderdale!! :)

Approaching Cancún! Those waters are horribly amazing

A casual and unexpected wing salute to this 2 beauties: Cancun’s Hotel zone and Isla Mujeres

Seconds from touch down. Unfortunately, the GPWS yelled me and said retard 3 times and I didn’t buttered the landing. :=(

Parked at the gate with a great view of the livery!

And, that’s it! Thanks for checking it out. Be sure to check out my next events thought.

Happy crash landings and tailstrike takeoffs ;)


This livery is so underrated. Great pictures!


Thank you. I agree. We need to fly with more liveries

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Those are amazing shots. I am happy you chose to fly in this livery. I hope to see more and more great shots from you 🤟

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Thank you @Adrian_K :)

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Super cool shots Mateo! Thanks for the share :D

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LOL 😆🤣😂 Nice Photo!

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Nice pictures :)

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@Henrik003 @I_AM_KOREAN_FOX @FireCracker thank you :)

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I really like this topic, and also wonderful pictures !

Congrats !

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Thank you so much :) Glad you liked it ;)

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