A beautiful day in CS

Here are some things I just saw in the Casual Server. A whole lot of people were just like this, and I will put a description of what they are doing at the bottom of each picture. ![image|830x466](upload://lWekEL90fSK9JgVuj0q54ii8jNO.jpe
I was parked in the most secluded spot at all of KLAX and he still managed to park right on top of me.g)

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Hey post these pictures in here:



Make sure the pictures have no HUD or UI visible. These can be taken off in settings, as well as the airplane names. About the Screenshots and Videos Category

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Go on Expert, it will still be like this…


Use a GA parking next time if you were the Cessna. That’s a heavy parking.

Yeah I know. I was at KLAX and I tried to park where nobody would park. I think it was the United repair ramp

Either do a complete topic or just don’t. You can’t post pictures and add their legends hours later… 🤦‍♂️

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I think this topic should be in #screenshots-and-videos

No it should be in here: