A beautiful day for a long haul

Hello everybody ! Yesterday Puerto Vallarta airport was the IFATC hub, and I’ve almost never flown in Mexico in IF, so I decided to give it a try, and I was pleasantly surprised !

Ladies and gentleman, welcome on this TUI Fly B787-8 flying you today to Puerto Vallarta Mexico, our flight time today will be of approximately 11 hours

Our route today takes us on the UK’s South-Western coast, making then a right turn inbound to Ireland. Then we will proceed to cross the Atlantic Ocean, arriving over Canada, then the US. Before crossing the Mexican border, we’ll fly over Houston and finally we’ll cross Mexico !

Flight details
London Gatwick (EGKK) - Puerto Vallarta (MMPR)
Tui Boeing 787-8
Tui Fly 14 (Callsign)
11 hours planned, 10h47 actual flight time
FL360, 380, 400
Expert Server
Monday May 25th 2020

Quite an early morning at Gatwick, but the weather is clear and the wind is low, behind us is a British Airways 747 heading to Phoenix (if i’m not mistaken)

We were quite heavy today, making for a nice long rollout

Soon enough, we were above the Atlantic Ocean while the passengers were enjoying breakfast. Conditions were brillant today, very few turbulences and clear weather all the way

And down there is Canada, we will be crossing the border with the United States in the next 10 minutes.

This beautiful scenery is northern Mexico, near Monterrey. It left me speechless, I’ve only flown once to Mexico in the game and I am starting to regret it. My Mexican friends, you have a beautiful country !

After almost 11 hours in the air, we proceeded for the visual approach runway 22, helped with amazing ATC. I decided to do the 7nm approach in manual mode and proceeded to absolutely grease it

Yep, no doubt we are in Mexico ! PVR airport is quite small, so we needed to wait for a few moments for a heavy gate to open

Many thanks for reading this post, hope you enjoyed it. I surely enjoyed that flight, the scenery was amazing and the conditions too, tell me what you thought of this post down in the comments, Happy Flying !


Thay are some lovely pictures :)

Keep up the good work

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thanks, appreciate it !

Fantastic pictures of one of the most beautiful liveries with the TUI Smile on the tail. Great scenery as well. Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you ! means a lot

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Wow amazing pictures.
Sounds like you had a wonderful flight
Thanks for sharing

indeed it was a great flight, thanks for the kind words

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I actually did this exact flight! Nice shots!

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it is a great flight to do, amazing scenery !

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