A Beautiful But Uncompleted Flight... :( / The Brand New 77W In Action!

Hello Community! I hope you are enjoying the beta version as much as I am! To be honest, this version was better than what I expected, and I’m glad that happened!

I wanted to share with you my first pics of the 77W, which I must say it’s now my favorite aircraft in the simulator ;)

This was the flight info… a flight which I really enjoyed until I was about to land, when I had to do some stuff here at home and I had to exit the flight… :(

Route: HECA - EGLL
Aircraft: EgyptAir 777-300ER
Callsign: IFSHOTS1
Server: Expert

Don’t forget to tell me which was your favorite pic and if you got the beta version!

  1. Setting the new locked free cams where my favorite views are!

  2. Opening the doors to let the passengers get inside the plane!

  3. Take off time had arrived!

  4. That was such a beautiful and exciting departure!

  5. Cruising over some beautiful mountains…

  6. I got in love with this pic and I think we should all request the developers to make this the loading flight screen picture! Don’t you think it would look amazing?!?!
    (Check my IG (InfiniteFlight_Shots) to see the edited version of this pic, I’ve just posted it!)

  7. And that’s it, as I told you I couldn’t finish the flight, but here are 2 pics of the aircraft parked… Let’s think that I took them at Heathrow! 😂

I hope you enjoyed! Have a nice day :)


Absolutely stunning pictures, especially this one! The Egyptair livery is pretty rare, but always a nice sight. Thanks for sharing!


Thanks To U For Ur Comment! I really appreciate it!

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I love the mountain shots!

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I love them too!