A Beautiful Brazilian Flight!

Hey everybody! So today, I flew a LATAM A319 from São Paulo Congonhas to Rio Santos Dumont. And the scenery was amazing! Flight time was 35 minutes. Well, let’s get to the photos!

Parked at the gate and preparing for the flight.

V1… Rotate!

Cruising over some amazing scenery.

Here there are more amazing mountains!

Starting my descent.

Going around due to being too fast and because the runway is short.

Second attempt successful in a foggy São Paulo!

Parked at the gate with a fellow LATAM A319.

Which picture is your favorite?

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I hope you guys enjoyed looking!


Great pics, number 8 was my favourite. Thanks for sharing

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Nice photos!


You surely mean


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Thanks guys! And @BennyBoy_Alpha I didn’t know where to put the ‘ 😂.

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I love how you say San Pao’s runway is short for a A318.

@BadPlane It is actually quite short, I almost overran the runway. Also, I was flying the A319.

funny story, a while ago i was flying DFW to Rio with AA 77W and it was my first time flying there and i didnt realize the runway was really short and overran the runway, yikesss…Nice pics tho!

wait u flew with 77W to SBRJ?

yea, i was originally going to fly to sao paulo but changed my mind and decided to fly to Rio without realizing the runway was short. Now i know haha…

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Jeez, international flights from rio and sao paulo only SBGR and SBGL can land SBRJ can’t even the A321 can land

great pictures glad you land safely

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Thanks @Zach_inkling!

yea i didnt know Rio had 2 airports, now i know lol.


I knew it had 2 airports, but I didn’t know it was commercial till I looked on FlightAware.

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