A Beautiful Afternoon @ CYYZ | PART 2

Hello IFC! Haven’t posted a spotting topic in a while, so here’s part two of my spotting at CYYZ back in July!

Equipment: Nikon D7500 w/ Tamron 100-400mm VC USD

This is one of my proudest edits, inspired by onemoreweektogo on Instagram (if you follow them you know what I’m talking about).

Here’s a close up of a very clean 787-9.

I really wish Flair stuck with this livery.

I love the lighting and clouds going on in this shot!

This isn’t the sharpest/highest quality image but I like the composition of it.

Any other spotters have this issue where the good light always disappears for specials?

I probably should like Rouge A320s as much as their A319s and A321s but for some reason I like how they look a lot more.

The bad lighting for specials curse is back again but look at how clean this brand new NEO is.

Thank you for viewing!


Those engines are coool
Not literally but yes cool

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I’m being honest here, I got goose bumps when I saw these form how sick they are!

I love that Little jet and the Air Transat A321! Keep it up!

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Where was this at YYZ? What runway? Amazing shots!!


Your pictures get better and better each time you post! Keep up the great work!

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Wow, those first two are amazing they look so good!

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I already miss Toronto! (Cough I prefer Vancouver still), but Calgary still is amazing, I mean look at my profile picture!

I love the photos, I do miss seeing the new livery Air Canada aircraft.

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Which ones?

That means a lot. I love the NEO especially as well!

Thanks! These are all along Airport Road (North side) at different places depending on the angle I wanted. Runway 23.

Thank you Mat!

I’m a big fan of close ups as well!

Vancouver > Toronto in terms of city quality. I don’t know about spotting they’re pretty equal. Calgary is pretty nice as well. And yeah, AC better hurry up and paint the rest of them.

Amazing photos. Really liked the last one, good job on catching the A321neo!


The NEO does all the looking good I’m just there to snap a photo.


How are you so good at this?


All of them

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That’s kind of you. A lot of it is editing and shooting the right settings.

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Amazing pictures! 23 is always a blast to spot at! ;)

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Those are some sexy photos! 😍

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Nice! I spot on 23 as well, but my photos are not anywhere close to yours! I tend to stay in one spot so it might be worth finding new areas and try to get different angles.

Just realized the Air Belgium A340 hiding in your 5th photo!


Very nice love the b787 shots

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Yup, it has everything.

Thanks Thomas!

You’re Toronto based? Maybe we’ll see each other sometime who knows?

All you need really is a camera, a little luck, and a lot of practice!



Outstanding captures!

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Incredible photos!

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