A B777 question

Umm… I feel really stupid asking this…

What is the Boeing 777W? I get the Boeing 777-***ER and LR and I know about the B777X but what does W mean?


The 77W is the code for the 777-300ER

772 : 777-200
77E: 777-200ER
77L: 777-200LR
77F: 777-200F
773: 777-300
77W: 777-300ER

778: 777-8X
779: 777-9X


Ahhh that makes sense. I thought it would be something like this. Thanks for clearing up the confusion

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You are welcome. If you have any more questions - feel free to PM me.

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Do 777-200LR and 777-200F share the same code B77L?

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Nope, B77F is the -200F