A Aviator Test

What Airlines And Plane Does This Belong to 🤔


Either a United 737/8/9 or Copa

I’m leaning towards United because it’s departing north east from SoCal

To be fair… SoCal is all of Southern California. guess what San Diego is in?

Oh southern California right… I’m dumb 🤪😅

Yes now I see Burbank

It’s a United 739

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Wrong Buddy

United 738?

Maybe 🤔 Guess Again

United 737-700?

(post deleted by author)

United, 737-700.

U know u can still see it even tho I delete it

Reload and check if it still up plz

It’s not an 8.

No, it isn’t, lol.

I’m Legally dumb🤣🤣

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