A Air France 403 • A Golden Sunset in the Heart of the Andes Mountains

Paris to Santiago

For a few months now I’ve really wanted to fly from anywhere in Europe to Santiago, Chile. Santiago is right in the heart of the Andes Mountains and I think it has one of the most scenic approaches in the world, it’s stunning. It makes it even better that major airlines with big aircraft fly in. I’ve wanted to fly in from Amsterdam, London or Paris, and with the 77W rework I’ve waited forever to fly one of these routes for way too long of a time. I’m a little sad that they took the SkyTeam livery out, but to be honest I think the normal livery looks really good and maybe better than the SkyTeam livery. This flight was amazing because after crossing the coast of France I flew over the Azore Islands in the Atlantic, a volcanic island chain, and then crossed the South American coast over Northern Brazil where the scenery turned from farmland, to a lush jungles to deserts where the mountains begin. I left way too early in the morning here in the US so I could time my arrival in Santiago with a sunset after almost 13 hours in the air. Air France 403 is the Callsign for this flight in real life so I see the same. Flight time was 12 hours and 48 minutes.

Flight Details 🇫🇷 🇨🇱

Paris, France to Santiago, Chile
Boeing 777-300ER
Air France 403 Heavy
@Philippe_Gilbert @Ur_Friendly_Approach @JulianB

A very heavy rotation from Paris leaving runway 26R

Gear up in the bright blue European sky

A slow climb out of Paris past an AeroLogic 77F sitting at its stand before heading home to Leipzig

A couple of hours over the Atlantic we pass above the Azore Islands of Portugal, a volcanic island archipelago

Hours and hours over the Atlantic with nothing to see except the full moon high in the sky

After crossing the east coast of Brazil and flying above its lush jungles and farmlands the scenery turns to desert as we approach the Andes

Our first view of the foggy Andes as golden hour arrives just before we descend toward Chile’s capital city

Window seats people, get the window seats not the aisle seats

The gear go down after more than half a day in the air under the South American sunset sky

A sunset slamming into Santiago!

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo!

Who was Santiago named after?

  • King of Spain Samuel L Jouqson
  • Spanish Conquistador Santo Clouse
  • Biblical Figure St James

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The answer to the last question was Moana which 61% got correct!



Beautiful Photos as always Noah!


Nice photos! How do you get the fog to cover the mountains?


You go to your replay (somewhere over mountains), go to your menu, press “weather” and put visibility down

Btw @NoahM, great job on these. They look really great


@MJP_27 Mason aren’t you always first, let someone else win for once 😂

@Pilot_Felix just what infinite Qantas said! But the mountains need to be tall or the fog won’t be visible

@Infinite_Qantas thanks! :D


Great pictures as always!! A great plane/livery, the Azores, the moon and then a stunning sunset arrival into Santiago (would love to have such a wing view IRL). Thanks!


Thanks Julian! I love the Air France livery on the 77W. And the Azores were way more scenic than I expected, but the approach into Santiago was as amazing as always and definitely doesn’t disappoint!


Greeeeeaat pictures! Looks like a very scenic flight!

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Yes, definitely need to go there soon!

My first ever long-haul years ago. Completely unprepared, far to high on final, but then landed in this amazing scenery. Well worth it!


One of my first king hauls ever was New York to Santiago in the LATAM 789 and that’s as the first time i realized how fun and cool the approach was!


Definitely one to remember!


These are all some great shots you took


Photo #8 🤩

Santiago is one of my favourite places to fly, you can’t beat those mountains!

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@KSS thanks a lot! I’m happy you like them

@Airborne_Canuck the Andes are great! And the fog makes them look really cool, especially from a wing view like that

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