A 787 Dreamliner built out of Lego!

I guess this counts as Real World Aviation - regulars feel free to change it if it isn’t right

This guy…made a 787 Dreamliner (Norwegian Livery) out of Lego - with working engines…

This is pretty insane…

If you check out his channel - he has done loads of this sort of stuff.


Saw this video the other day! His other Lego aircraft are insane!


Yes I have already seen this video - in short: it’s cool!

btw, I would never have the patience to build this! so he does a really good job!


This aircraft looks beautiful! I totally forgot about Lego’s! I also love Norwegian… ♥️


Same - I would lose my sanity lol

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That is totally cool

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I remember seeing the video a couple of weeks ago. I really like his Pan Am 747

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I build lego planes and I take off from BigPlanes

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R U guys ready for his 727 to be completed in the future:)

Yeees! He finally finished it!

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