A 777 Stops By at Richmond! - Spotting @ KRIC

Omni Air 777-200ER

At Richmond International Airport

This morning on FlightRadar24, I noticed that there was a triple seven from Anchorage, Alaska, heading to Richmond. This, on it’s own, is a super rare aircraft to see, and even more rare considering how far the airplane traveled to get here. It seemed to be a charter flight for military troops returning to Richmond.

So, I did the usual, begged my parents to hitch me a ride to the airport, and spot this plane. To my knowledge, there has never been a 777-200ER to Richmond before, so this was a rare sight to go see. Once we made it to the airport, I pulled out my Pixel 2 w/ 25x Zoom Lense and went to work.

snap snap snap snap

Around 2 minutes later, photo was edited, and kablamo, I’ve extended the storyline of a simple 777-200ER into an entire chapter of a book.
Heeere are las fotos.

Here is the mighty 777-200ER landing on Runway 34 at Richmond.

Here is the 777-200ER sitting on the apron letting off the passengers and onto shuttle buses.

Aircraft Information

Registration » N828AX
Flight Number » OY6482
Airline » Omni Air International
Route » PANC - KRIC
Aircraft » 777-2U8(ER)

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Nice catch!

Air France 777-200ER @RIC


United 777-200ER @RIC



That’s a special catch for sure! Thanks for sharing!


nice catch! surely a rare flight

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Yep, it was. There is word in the next few days that there will be a few more wide body aircraft heading to RIC as military charters, sadly I won’t be able to spot them.


Nice catch, you should try recreate this with the new 772 in IF!

I was thinking the same thing. I’ll probably recreate the flight sometime this week. 😊


Really interesting and special catch. Well done!

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Thanks Sasha!

Also I accidently messed up my Twitter link so it sent you to another InfiniteNick twitter page. Just fixed it so it sends you to mine. 😅


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