A 747 flight from Germany to France

Ahoy Today was my first flight on global after a year! Lets get into the pics now!

Casual server Munich-Paris

Lets start boarding!

Takeoff time!

Seatbelts off! Because were at our cruising altidude!

Sunset Short final!

Touch down! With a emirates a380 waiting to pass the runway

And parking with an emirates.

Comment whats your favorites picture!


visible runway incursion

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??? Me or the a380

The A380, part of the plane is beyond the hold short line

is it? looks like the wheel is behind the line to me

But the nose has crossed the line. No part of the plane is allowed to cross the line when hold short.


i never knew that. i always thought it was just the nose wheel
the more you know


Nice trip hopefully fully booked

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Great Pictures!

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Haha thank you

Thanks mate

Same XD i never knew

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Oh i never knew that thank god this is casual server and not training for him lol

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