A 747 Event @ KSAN - 231100ZJAN16

He guys,

There is an Event of infinite flicht we fly with a 747-8 of Infinite Flight ( 2015 ) SAN/LAX Adv Server.

my fly numer is: PH-17MD

Oh thats what that is! I couldn’t land there lol.

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I have re-named your topic title and moved it to the events category so it matches the style of all other events. All event topics should be named the same way so people can quickly see the days/time. Is your event at 11am Zulu time or the time where you live? All times for events should be in Zulu time. Feel free to ask me any questions on this :)

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I 'm new here and I do not really know how to do that , but the others change it for me. thanks for your explanation. :)

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KSAN is the land of the events
The IFFG 3rd year Anniversity event and @John_Preston21’s IFWP Landing Competition and Finally this

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