A 30 degree intercept will not always be needed

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Before 20.1 your standard ILS approach always included a 30 degree intercept. It is now possible for us to spice it up a little bit with all our new procedures.

Some STAR’s will let you arrive on a long final, or they may have a natural 30 degree intercept already worked into them.

If you have either of those two types of STAR’s filed you can expect no 30° intercept from your approach controller. Since you are already established on your final approach course or you are already on a 30 degree intercept heading there is no need for your radar controller to issue a heading again. They will simply clear you for your approach and give you a frequency change.

Sometimes they will give you you an altitude assignment with your clearance. This can be due to various reasons such as terrain and for seperation requirements. These must be followed at all times.

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Very nice write up Juan - I’ve been loving the fact that we can now intercept the localizer via a STAR! It can take some of the strain off of radar controllers and allows pilots to fly a very quick and efficient approach!


Definitely! Everything works together so smoothly now.

Very nice! I will remember this when we start to use SIDs and stars in the training!


Great! I have lot’s to teach you about SID’s and STAR’s ;)


Thank you so much! That will help in my officer training 🤣


I’m sure your trianer would appreciate the extra knowledge haha

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Very nice post Juan!

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Great work my friend …I wished you posted that topic of mine 😂
As always my fav trainer and Supervisor most important pure and trustworthy 🤩🤩


Great stuff Juan!


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