A 3 dimensional airport

3 dimensional airport feature.

In the next update which I hope comes out soon, the 3 dimensional airport will help us recognize where the airports are and would be a nice addition to the game with how realistic the game is already. Please place a comment or like this if you think this should be in one of the future updates.

Hey Boeing1,

There’s already a topic made asking for 3D airport fixtures like terminals, gates, etc., similar to what you’re asking for.

Feel free to search the forum with sny questions you have before making a topic pls. Thanks

Best, Boeing707

Well welcome to the fourm take some time and search around before posting new topics this one has been discussed to death

@Boeing707 ha you beat me to it mine was better 😛

I was about to type “are you requesting for building” and went to look for link, Boom!!! Boeing707 beat me to it. Now Brandon you are here, who else still typing?


Guys he’s a newbie… Give him a break he just started his journey in this forum. Let’s show him the ropes on how the forum works

Welcome to the forum! :)

You can see previously posted feature requests by “searching” for topics" at the top right corner of your screen.