A 16 years teenager judged for attempting to steal a Vueling A321 at Orly airport

Hello everyone, in June of this year, a 16 years has been judged for attempting to steal an A321.
The reason why he attempted to steal this plane is because he wanted to go back to his country: Morocco.

How did he bypass the security control?

The reason is unknown, probably he either he was followed by a family or he climbed a wall.

How did he accessed to the cockpit?

To access the aircraft cockpit, he had to move a mobile staircase.

Thanks @Delta319 for an English one


This guy is insane


here’s an english source I found within 10 seconds using google. Is it really that hard to find an english article or are you just too lazy to look it up?


Thanks Delta319 for an English version, I was quite lazy.


Ah, definitely from my school. People get into serious stuff…


Oh my god. 😂

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Um, what do I even say anymore?

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Ya think?

Anyways he deserves to be in juvenile detention for a while.

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Hmm, wonder if he knew how to start a 321 from cold though 😉😏

Just kidding, this is something not even people from my school would do!

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Even someone from my school wouldn’t do this, this is crazy! Just, wow, who would do this?

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It’s pretty impressive he was able to do this. I find this and the incident in Seattle where the guy stole and crashed the Dash-8 as a reminder that they need to tighten up their security.


Can this thing do a backflip?

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I mean, there’s only one way to find out…


🤣🤣😂😂😂 so true

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This is really quite dangerous, if the person had different intentions and managed to get the aircraft airborne, hundreds of lives could of been at risk.

There is no need for that.

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