A-10C fuel flow / Range

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21.1 (931) - 4COA98B7 - Apple iPad8,12

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iPad Pro (12,9 Zoll, 4. Generation), iOS 14.5 (18E199)

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Range of A-10C with full tanks was significantly lower then accustomed before.

Steps to reproduce

  • Launch IF
  • Spawn in a A-10C
  • Set fuel to Max, stores to 0
  • take off and check flight time when levelled of and at 93% power

Expected results

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flight time with full tanks and no stores 93% throttle above 3.5h+ after takeoff

Actual results

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flight time with full tanks and no stores 93% throttle is 2h after takeoff

More Information

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I am able to reproduce this to a certain extent, but I think there’s something else going on here.

21.1 (1476)
Oppo Find X2 Pro
Android 11 - April 2021 Security Patch

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4
Android 10 - March 2021 Security Patch

After the initial take off from LFMN, I’ve set my AP to hold 1000ft ALT (Tom had his ALT at 1200 on the screenshot), whatever HDG and also set throttle to 93%. I’ve seen the exact same thing: a few minutes over 2 hours was the remaining flight time. Then I went and checked the fuel flow which was 2420+ kg/h. Doing the maths, that was about right(ish).

After seeing the same as Tom, I’ve decided to play around with all this and set a steady +1800 fpm climb. Here is when things started to become interesting. My fuel flow started to decrease while I’ve gained more and more altitude. At the beginning of the climb, my remaining flight time stayed the same for a few minutes (2h2m) before it started to increase as well
As I’ve mentioned above, at around 1000 ft MSL, I’ve had over 2420 kg/h flow. After 10 mins of flight time and at 16000 ft , my flow was down at around 1900 kg/h with the remaining flight time being at around 2 h 26 mins.

Continuing the climb, at FL200, flow was 1630 kg/h and the flight time remaining was 2h47m.

I decided to level off at FL250 as my air speed started to decrease to around 160KIAS with the set VS.
After 18 mins of flight time, the remaining flight time was 3h 16 mins with a fuel flow of 1338 kg/h.
These combined together suggest that we could get 3.5 hours of flight time at higher altitudes.

I have checked what is it like right now on the 20.03 RTM, and I can confirm that the A-10 does exactly the same in the previous RTM as well [20.03.04 (1015) on a Redmi Note 7], though I haven’t had the A-10 downloaded before on the RN7 so it was downloaded right now before I’ve checked it.

I’m not sure if this was like this before though (never really paid attention :faceplam:). If it wasn’t, could it be the case that the fuel flow now takes into account the altitude? AFAIK, the higher the altitude the less the fuel consumption is? (I might be wrong on this though).

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Thanks for checking @Jeno_Farkas, when I first noticed the lack of range I where on a Cruise at 18000ft with no remaining fuel of more then 2:15.
25000 is a pretty high attitude for the A-10C. Despite the rated service ceiling is 45000ft MSL it’s usual cruise attitude is 17000-19000ft MSL.
As Jeno did I tried also to switch back to RTM and see how it is there and had the same experience. But while I feel sure that it was different before the recent beta I heard that there was something about aircraft Modell loaded independently from the app release, it that’s the case we can not reverse check.
I will give it a try how it is depending on attitude later today, but the endurance time of the A-10 is given as 4h at 5000ft imho.

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