A-10 with Tyler!

Hey everyone!

Earlier tonight, Tyler agreed to do some formation flying over Sequoia National Park, in California.

The initial plan was for him to follow me, but, as I’ll explain, things didn’t quite turn out the way I wanted…

Anyways, here are the best shots:

Well, I ended up crashing not 1, not 2, but 3 times.
What did we learn?

  • I cannot fly the A-10 in formation well
  • I can’t really fly the A-10 in general
  • However, Tyler can

Thanks, @Tyler_Shelton!


Lovely photos! Turned out much better than me and @MishaCamp when we flew A10s. These are awesome.


Ha! I saw you guys earlier!

Good fun! Thanks for the invite. Looks like we’ll have to try this again soon!


Feel free to join the boys from GAF anytime 🙃


Tyler really likes flying fighters don’t he?!

Those shots are great!

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This is what the boys do when they’re bored

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Sorry I had to.

Great Shots!


Nice pics! I’m assuming this was in casual? Bit worrying if it wasnt

great pic, and let me tell you something, yes you can fly the A-10 each crash is a value lesson of how you can improve, if you really want to fly the A-10 keep trying…

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