A-10 Warthog Additional Details

I would like to first say thank you to the development team and graphic designer for this incredible IF aircraft
It rival’s the DCS computer sim version in appearance !

With that said and all due respect noticed 2 issues that maybe could be addressed and a minor 3rd item.

Since so much obvious effort was put into the new version here are the 3 items to look at and maybe update .

  1. the outboard starboard wing PITOT TUBE is missing and at least visually its a signature A-10 item.

  2. The wing tip NAVIGATION LIGHTS are part of the strobe light housings and not the two smaller features now used for NAV LIGHTS. There is a NVG recognizable external light system but for normal NAV
    lighting they are wrong on the IF HOG.

3.Last and less noticeable …the rear white NAV LIGHT
is normal set to or operates in a blinking mode (I don’t know the bilnk rate in seconds) Its not steady on.

So that’s it. With such a detailed work of simulation perfection I’m surprized at my number 1 and 2 omissions for the lack of a better description

I hope these might also be noticed or expained by the A-10 DEV. TEAM and addressed good or bad

Doug CAVU56 Reiter

Hi I think there’s supposed to be one photo in #features for a topic, but besides that I support this👍🏽

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As they gave this Aircraft a live “Test” cockpit first i don’t believe it’ll get reworked any time soon, as everyone is going to want the more used planes. Be sure to vote for your own request, and if i can free up a vote in the next little while i’ll vote for it:)


Oh ok sorry I didn’t read the forum rule on this.
It won’t hurt anybody

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If they gave this Aircraft a live test or shakedown
they made these as oversights or mistakes then
If they or whom ever is tasked on future releases and don’t have the time to re-visit or address a view issues or frankly they may not care…then that is fine too.

I just wanted to mention my observations of a great plane

I think that is ok to do here ? Correct Alphadog.
If it is not of concern to anyone one but myself
than ignor

Then ignore my observations …I won’t mind 🙂

i agree the A10 does need more for being such an iconic plane so

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I understand your point that the focus is on completing new IF aircraft and i fully agree .
My point was that the IF A-10 is very detailed in components and weathering graphics.

Its obvious a lot of thought went into this plane.
So to miss a few key details was surprising to see.

So by mentioning or highlighting them I am optimistic
that some day in the future…even distant future this IF A-10 will be re-visited and maybe just maybe tweeked.

.and maybe not ???🤷‍♂️

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Nice request,

I would have set some othe priority’s

  • full working horizontal indicator (like the XCub has)
  • autoretracting flaps, like in real world
  • AoA indicator instrument
  • Nav Display in one of the MFDs
  • working HUD
  • opening and lighted refuelling receptacle
  • external fueltanks and those be selectable in the weights panel
  • selectable external stores in the weights panel in general
  • right wing view in the Position of the Lightning targeting pod
  • and this displayed on one of the MFDs

This could be continued…


Great ideas Major !

I was trying to keep a few simple graphics fixes that appeared to oversights ?

But now that you mention it those are great ideas .

I overlay the default HUD map view onto the left MFD now.

A de- Armed version would be nice similar to the F-14 options. With a centerline external ferry tank so we can extend flight time and distance without mid-air refuling support. This is used in real life,

But before i end up in IF forum jail for not following post prodocol I will stop digressing.

I do think down the road this spectacular IF plane will get tweeked to be a bench mark sim A-10

But I`m sure the responces will follow that I mentention more than 1 thing an MISS our whole positive idea in the first place

my stopwatch is running

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The HUD is missing, so it should be added to make the A-10 Warthog even more realistic.

These minor details are left out intentionally due to performance reasons. Please refer to the quote linked below which explains.

Furthermore, here are the rules that you acknowledged you didn’t look over. Please try to adhere to these on future topics. Thanks!