A-10 Vr Flip

Good evening, I’ve got an issue that requires the support staff. I had a strange event happen in the A-10 at Nellis, I was accelerating at 95% N1 down runway 03L, reached 75-80 KIAS and pulled back to rotate. The A-10 doesn’t respond for a few seconds, then it suddenly pulls straight up, flips over and crashes. Now prior to entering the runway I did calibrate the device and I’ve recreated the same issue five times prior to typing this up. Here’s more details for you all:
Expert server, A-10, spawn in at KLSV Row 10/10 Flanker AMU. Full fuel tanks. Calibrate before takeoff, Accelerate 95% N1, rotate between 75-80 KIAS, hold on for dear life.

iPad 9.7" 128 GB, iOS version 12.0.1.

Unfortunately I do not currently have a screen recording app to provide a video.

The A-10 is such a crappy jet (as of now lol) Take off you want to get about 115 - 120 knots and let the thing naturally go into the air

I did try to stay on the runway for a longer period, however even while holding the rudder during takeoff the jet tries hard to pull off to the left. I’ll try not rotating at all and see if I can change the outcome.

Did you have a cross wind?

Winds were calm, 4 knots from 350.

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You are rotating too early. You need more speed. Although it is an older model it flies rather easily if you don’t treat it like an F-22 or a TBM. Try what Mark mentioned :)


Like Levet said - You rotate to early, when it goes left use your tail rudder to go right. Rotation is 120, don’t pull up it will naturally climb


Yeah that fixed it alright. It’s so simple I feel bad for posting a thread, lol. Thanks for the help guys, this can be closed.


Lol all good! The 10 takes some time to skill, if you’re doing low flying careful on how fast you pull back cause the thing will stall like no tomorrow. Also the engines cut out in mid flight sometimes so there’s also that

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