A-10 Training program!

Basic event rules

Summary: If you want to be trained for an A-10 then now is your chance! Calling all who want to participate! If you want to join any team please tell me your IF grade.

Server: Training

Airport: KFHU-KFHU

Time: throughout the week, when one of the selected trainers is doing a session we will let you know!

Enrolled Students

1|@MR.FOXY09 |Grade3|
Training sessions: |Connor(@MR.FOXY09)|Student list 0/10|

If you want to be a trainer then apply now! DM me and i will interview and we will do a quick flight!
Only four trainer spots and 10 students

Made by MR.FOXY09 “Your welcome


Can I join as a student

Yea! i will be doing a training once the event starts! Congrats on being the fist to sign up!


what is your IF grade? Also please click “Going” on the event tab

Can i go! Sign me up as a student!

Why did you put yourself as Grade 3 when on your stats it says Grade 2?

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Grade 5 in infinite flight

I’m interested in signing up as a student!

I have proficient knowledge on the F22 and would like to know know on the A-10.

Ok! i will sign you up, sorry that was meant forbutter

alr, illget that in

also what isyou grade?

im 4 or3 days from being grade 3, violation. what is your grade?

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Ok nice. For context i have 300hours and 12 violations (lv1:10 lv2:2 lv3:0)

I don’t know what approaches you have planned but i specialize in VFR/ILS-A approaches.

For those that don’t know this is a approach under VFR conditions but with ILS assist. You basically tap into ILS but fly it manually.

I would prefer this but it’s optional idrc lol.
I am grade 3 but closing in on grade 4

I would like to join but I’m busy this weekend (Grade 4)

alr, ill sign you up soon in class

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alr thanks, ill sign you up soon

Todays class has been canceled, not enough demand

Unfortunately you caught me at a bad time

ohdang, sorry man

I’ll sign up, grade 3 over here