A-10 Rework Video!

Correct! 737 will not have this since it isn’t a full rework.

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in instagram I saw a publication related to lights on the taxiway, I may also be wrong, I’ll have to confirm this🙄🙄🙃🙄

OMG!!! I am not into military but I am hyped!

Woo hoo! So Hyped for 18.6!

Everything expected to come in V18.6. Sorry buddy, but looks like no taxiway lighting yet.

If you want to reach out to the Devs, help out by voting on this thread.


now I understood thank you, and I had already voted!😋😋😊

Literally the only thing that I thought certain other sims had over IF was live instruments and now they have that too…
I am completely blown away, I was expecting something like a realistic fighter HUD, but this is insane. Anyone know if it will be on all aircraft?

Laura and other staff have said on numerous occasions that all older aircraft will be updated to the standards of the CRJ, 787, and soon to be, A-10. The Devs will constantly add new features to aircraft until all the aircraft in the IF Fleet are up to top quality standards set by previously named aircraft.
So don’t sweat, one day you’ll be able to fly your 747 with a live cockpit and wing-flex and all other aircraft will have the new features.

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That last sentence made my mouth water lmao, thanks for the info.


I did not just see some working instruments! Incredible

FDS continues to impress us!

Military plane guys, this is for u especially and u guys have waited a long time for this!

@Pilot_urp look again at the 15 second mark of the video. Amazing I must say! I’m telling you all again. The devs keep pushing boundaries further and further.


Lol don’t take it literally

I saw the instruments and I jumped out of the couch.
And I was like, “no way,I did not just see that!”

Indeed FDS Never fails to put us in awe and impress


It’s gonna be lagggggggy

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Ehh, I’m gonna assume it’s pretty optimized


Sure hope so…

Hang on, live cockpits means expert will take so much more time because you’ll have to check your temps and stuff…

But great update anyway!


This update sucks ☹️ Jk this looks lit and it has a live cockpit. Also can’t wait to take the 737 to the sky


What callsign is there for the A10

For the a-10 plane coming out do you know if there is going to be a generic plane with a plane white paint and no missiles because I don’t like missiles and weapons