A-10 HUD is misplaced

I’m not sure if this is known yet:

The HUD in the Cockpit view of the newly reworked A-10 is kinda in a wrong place, or wrongly set.

Take a look at the FPV. On the first picture you can see how it’s supposed to be. The lower picture shows the view from the cockpit. To made sure I didn’t actually moved the view around I did a reset twice by double tapping on the screen.

Would be cool if this gets fixed 😊

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It’s not misplaced :)

The HUD isn’t really supposed to be on in that view as the camera angle is slightly tilted down, making the HUD a bit misaligned.


I think this is on purpose, if I am not wrong.
Edit: Schyllberg beat me 😂

Okey, thanks for the answer. Doesn’t really solve the problem of the wrongly aligned FPV then even if it’s on purpose.

Would be great to have like an additional camera setting where the angle of view isn’t moved.

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Just move it around a bit and then double tap and it will re-align

It happens to me in any aircraft where I double tap it to get it to re-align but it’s still a bit off but I’ve found if you move the camera around in all angles, it will re-align properly.

You’re not supposed to use the HUD in cockpit view. That’s what the working gauges are for.

@Marc I know what you mean. It really disorented me on my first few A-10 flights. the default view is about 5deg down from where it normally should be. I get that it to make it easier to see insturmentation though.

@schyllberg I wish we could get the mini map without the HUD and it wouldn’t bother me as much. It is weird though when it causes your FPV and Hud to be misaligned as well. level flight on the FVP sits at +5 on the HUD.

It would be nice to keep the same view angle, but shift the HUD to align correctly with the FPV.

All the same, I love the A-10

as we have working instruments… I think you should give them a go… trust me soon as you learn you will never use the hud !

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