A-10 GAU-8 30MM gatling gun sound incorporation

Good evening IFC,
This is a simple request to have the option to incorporate the infamous GAU-8 30mm gatling cannon onto the A-10 aircraft. As the first aircraft to implement working instruments if would be fantastic to see the GAU-8 sound implemented onto this aircraft.

Below is the technical data for the GAU-8 30mm gatling gun taken from general Dynamics

I’ve also included a sound clip taken from YouTube of how this weapons system sounds as brrrt is not exactly anything to go off of ;)

This could technically be implemented as an action function with the A-10 interface. You would need sounds for both internal and external.

Again just something small to consider adding to give the A-10 more teeth.

Cheers IFC!

This would be awesome! Imagine hearing the brrrrt in-game at lax casual server with everyone doing it at the same time 🤣


It’s incredible that the A-10 is actually built around the huge gatling gun and not the other way around. Would be a cool feature indeed!

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Lol I’d probably only have it active in flight but that is just my two cents 💁‍♂️. But it would be awesome to hear for sure. That sound is iconic and unmistakable.

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I never said they had to be on the ground ;) Just found a vote for it!

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Cheers to that my friend. Let’s see what 2020 brings :)


Lol gunfire choir with all the noobs and trolls blocking the runway, in the unrealistic queue of 30 aircraft and swooping the terminal


Such a minor detail with so much impact, I’d live to spare a vote.


But in all seriousness, this is a small touch that could make the sim so much more realistic.

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