A-10 Formation flight!

Hello everyone!, it been a long time I didn’t make any topic :(, but I’m back with a new type of shot!
Today I have fly Formation with my friend @Marwan_Mmmm on the A-10 above the desert and we have taken some shots and we want to show them to you all!

Flight Details

Server: Casual
Flight Time: 30 minutes 
Plane: A-10 188F Wing fort Smith ANG
Route: ZUAL - ZUAL

Taxing to the runway following @Marwan_Mmmm

Holding short runway 15, completing before takeoff checklist!

50% power release brakes FULL POWER!!!

did you ever see 2 Jets rotating at the same time and same runway?


here it’s time to end this grate flight and land this 2 birds

Thanks to everyone who gave this Topic minutes of his time!
That’s all for today, don’t forget to let me know what is your favorite!
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It was a nice photo trip with you

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Maybe we will do it again ;)

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Yes, we will go on a photo trip, me and you whenever we get bored

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Nice flight :)

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It’s also a pretty impressive powerful plane

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