A-10 flying!

Hey everyone!

Decided to do some patterns and tricks in the A-10. Love the bird! The cockpit is awesome, and the aircraft is beautiful!

(Edited in adobe Lightroom)

Route: KVNY patterns
Flight time: about 15 minutes
Aircraft: 303rd FS Whitemen A-10 Warthog


Thanks for looking! Let me know your thoughts. Feedback is appreciated as always.

Until now and the next time, see you around, or in the skies!


Wow nice I really like that airplane 👍🏽😀nice pics @AlphaSeven

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Absolutely stunning! Amazing!

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Haha thanks! Great profile pic btw 😉

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I think @Asneed8706 or @art_martinez would like one of these

Now the first one

the plane is violent, ready on the attack!!!

Those shots are really nice!
I’m gonna say it… I’m gonna say it…

I’d give it A-10 out of 10!


Haha very true!

@Nate_Schneller yep!

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Haha! Thanks mate :)

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@Scandanavian54super thanks mate!

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No problem!

(I ran out of likes too :))

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Haha we all do at some point… Thanks again!