A-10 Flying In The Hot Desert Sun..

1) So I just though to myself… “man, it sure has been a while since I’ve flown the A-10. Why not fly it in the sweet hot and dry desert? It was awesome.

2) Just a casual flight. No route done, just a patrol.




Gotta love the a10, such a magneficant beast.


It is, and the cockpit is the best of all!

very beautiful, sad that the two screens do not work.

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Finally some good screenshots of the A-10! Thanks for sharing!

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Yeah, but at least the gauges do! ;)

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Well some people have different opinions on when a picture is considered ‘good’, but I’ll take it! 😁 Thanks!

Nice picture. The A10 is always such a joy to fly no matter the occasion!

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Wow great photos

Keep it up

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It is indeed. It’s cockpit and engines just make it a joy!

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Thank you @N319CL!