A-10 Fire fighting concept

I saw this A-10 fire fighting concept which i think would be a awsome addition to infinite flight! @anon93248082 knows lots about this concept!

The aircraft holds the water/retardant in the pod under the aircraft. However im not sure who is going to operate it.

Hey could you please add a little more detail such as how much the aircraft can hold and who is operating it. Once you do that I’ll clear up a vote for this awesome livery


Unfortunately this is only a concept


Just added info

I know nothing about this concept?


That’s just a strange idea. It was discussed at least two times, but never reached even planing stage.
Giyf https://fireaviation.com/2014/09/25/a-10-warthog-proposed-again-as-an-air-tanker/

Didn’t hapen in real world, Won’t happen in IF.

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Well this might be an added bonus with the next A-10 update.

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I will admit, that’s one fine livery if I do say so myself…