A-10 D-Day Livery

For the awaited A-10 rework it would be nice to have a special Livery like the “RAF 50 years” of the C-130.
A perfect one would be the one of the 107th Fighter Squadron for the 100th Anniversary of the “Red Devils” Squad with D-Day Stripes that visited UK for commemoration ceremonies for D-Day 74.

Image courtesy; David Cenciotti@The Aviationist

regards, Tom

Love the livery! It would be a great look on the A-10 in IF.

I like the way it is painted into the engines! Out of votes though. Good luck!

Ya never know, maybe it’s already coming in the 7 liveries of the A-10, Nice Request!


BTW, this special lively is engaged in EU deployment:
A-10 in Baltic

Wonder if they might consider adding this livery when they release the new ones?

That’s what I hope, just vote!

Video of the A-10 of the 107th Sqn at arrival at Middenhall. C17 KC10s and several A10s including the special livery at 5:20.

Credit ElliotL

In addition you can see the 30% Spoiler setting that the A10s use for final approach, and compare to the 100% after touchdown.

If you like this liver votefor it! You can vote for something else when the A10 rework is in game… ;-)

Nice vid from „gung ho vids“ with this special livery refuelling over Latvia:
A-10C ARA over Latvia .

With the TBM in game and the A-10C probably the next airframe reworked, I still hope to get this lievely added…
If not it is at least as a model availablem
A-10C Red Devil’s

Withe the update felling so near I have to bump this!

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This is sweet nice request!