A-10 cookpit and hud Attitude Director Indicator No same

Photo 1:

Photo 2:

It is big bug in a-10,you can can hud Attitude Director Indicator and cookpit mechanical Attitude Director Indicator is no same.photo 1, cookpit show AOAis About 15 ,but in hud AOA is 10.Photo 2, cookpit show AOA is about 20,but in hud is about 13.Also,I have check 4 Perspective,It is same.

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It looks like Seb has addressed this previously. Please see the following reply.

Sothat you know real aoa is cookpit or hud?

Cockpit instruments. That comment is 2 places below the one linked above…

Oh,I didn’t clarify my problem. My problem is not the horizon. Whether the horizon is different, the scale on the top is the same. Now the two in Figure 1 don’t match, and the two in Figure 2 don’t match. This is not a matter of the horizon. Even where the horizon moves, it will not affect the display of his angle of attack

The HUD is not intended to be used in the cockpit view, so any discrepancy between the HUD & gyroball is expected and should be ignored.

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But the work displayed on the cockpit hud AOA is the same as that displayed in other places, except that the horizon is different.

Not quite sure what you mean, the translation seems to be quite off?

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in the same moment,hud show airplane is 10-15°(red),cookpit show airplane is 15°-20°,clear?

What the HUD show is inaccurate in that view since the HUD isn’t placed correctly in cockpit view.

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It is the same moment,but it show angle is not same

Here? @schyllberg

It is showing the angle being the same. Roughly 5 degrees positive pitch.

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It does however looks to be drifting more apart the higher the pitch is.

We’ll look into it.

This is the example 1

It is an example 2
Hud angle=cookpit angle+about 5°
This will make things very troublesome

Have you tried changing the compass arc?

What do you mean?

Maybe this

Switch from compass nav to compass arc