A-10 Canopy

So i’ve been flying the A-10 around trying to get used to it and i’ve noticed one thing about it, once you land and have exited to runway onto the taxi way you are unable to open the canopy. From the various airshows and just seeing various types of fighter jets in action that a common practice is to open your canopy on the taxi way after landing. If anyone knows if this is intentional or just a bug please let me know!

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Are your brakes activated?


Yes, the only way i’m able to open it is if i shut down both engines. I may just have to reinstall the app

I think this is intentional because it’s a safety issue (excludes air shows) because if a pilot were to exit the plane with engines running, they would have a 99% chance of being sucked into the engine.

EDIT: I was able to open the canopy on the taxiway with brakes on only. If I were you, I would restart your app @QuebecXray.

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Works for me when in ground and brakes activate (even only briefly)

Ok i’ll try that

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You need to set brakes and be completely clear of the runway. I had done this with taxiing to the runway with the canopy up and from the runway. You need to make sure you are off the runway past the hold short line.

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