A-10 Canopy Glitch

So I was seeing where each a-10’s afb aer ab was and noticed with canopy open that a peice is floating.Screenshot_20181208-092827

As you can see here it is broken off and is just floating there.


We are so sorry you are experiencing issues with Infinite Flight. In order to fix your problem try:

  • Uninstalling then Reinstalling Infinite Flight.

If the above doesn’t work, this must be an issue requiring the DEVS attention.

It not him who has this glitch. As well, I do see this problem. We need Seb, but I can’t tag Seb cause he is staff. Please be patient.

As below, all my graphics setting is high. I will send Seb a message.

Huh? Being the Support staff for Infinite Flight, i’d say tagging me in a Support topics is pretty acceptable :)


Just being a person who follows rule all of the time. 😁

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Known issue :)