A-10 Arctic-ish Hop

Hello pilots! This is a flight from Ramstein Air Base (ETAR) in Germany to Ørland Main Air Station (ENOL) in Norway as well as a refueling stop at Amsterdam (EHAM) and Bergen (ENBR) in the A-10 Thunderbolt 2 in the Arctic Camo on the Expert server. I also tried moonshots for the first time. Hope you enjoy.

Preparing to get ready for takeoff from ETAR in my A-10

Approaching EHAM R22 for a quick refueling stop

Letting my pilot get a break as well as refueling

Banking north after a nice takeoff. Next stop: Bergen Airport for another refueling stop

Night is approaching so better make this quick. Successful landing at Bergen Airport

After a successful refueling stop, I take off, headed to my final destination: Ørland Main Air Station

My first moonshot ever while on approach into Ørland Main Air Station (ENOL)

The moon has suddenly shrunk in size. Interesting. Successful landing into Ørland Main Air Station

After parking at Ørland, I finally let my pilot out after 3 hours of flying

Hope you enjoyed the screenshots! Have an amazing rest of your day!!


I love the last one! Great shots mate. The A-10 is a great, underrated aircraft in IF.

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Thank you so much for the compliments! I watched a quick tutorial about how to do moonshots. Kinda hard on an iPhone 5SE due to the small screen, but they come out amazing.

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Ørlandet is a great place to visit! It far from where I live (and about 30 min with boat from our cabin).

Thanks for visiting and sharing!


Very interesting parking due to it being an Air Station for NATO, but you’re welcome for visiting. Will be flying out of it in the future.

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My dad for US Army of America was retired last in June 2019. His favorite them A-10 and anyone my uncle for army Air Force an aircraft and I don’t know yet.

A-10 go brrrrrrtttttttt Nice pics

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Yes sir. Love it

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