A-10 || A stealthy but deadly aircraft

Hey everyone!

As you all know, the A-10 is an absolute Beast! Decided to take it out for some spins in Aspen, because Aspen is the coolest place in the US! (Unpopular opinion) Anyhow, I edited this in Lightroom and then Snapseed. Let me know what y’all think!

Flight details

Route: Patterns @ KASE
Aircraft: A-10 Warthog
Flight time: 20 minutes

As always, feedback and opinions are welcome, but please make it constructive.

Thanks for looking, see you around!


“A Silent But Deadly”

I see what you did there, :P


Yeah. When you hear that things’ rotating cannon start you know you have no escape!

@AlphaSeven @Levet… Silent LOL! “It’s a “SCREEMER”!
Inbound & Outbound of a strike, early models where Smokers…
G’day, Max


Thats cool 😎

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Nothing stealth or silent about these bad boys. Lol

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Thanks guys! The reason why I said silent was because in the picture it looked very stealth 😅

Too dark, and would have been cool with the Aspen scenery in the background. Just my honest opinion, though.

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Stealthy but by no means silent

What an A-10 Sounds Like


Sorry I had to


Thanks for the feedback. This is my “studio” style so the point is that only the aircraft is visible with a black background.

@KaiM you’re right haha 🤣

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Decided to change the title to “stealthy but deadly” because y’all are right, this thing aint silent haha.

He brrrrrrt lol 😂 it is not silent