A 10/10 Connection


Around a monthish ago, my family had a large reuinion in Japan. Took the opportunity to take some pictures, most of which came out extremely blurry. Realized I was having problems with my shorter len, so I switched to the 75-300mm. By that point, we were already on the back end of our trip, connecting through Narita from Sapporo. All of these are from our flight from NRT to EWR. Enjoy.

Guess where we are ⁉

Rolls and Royce

How’re you doing back there R2?


An airline with an empty stadium named after it

Chillin’ at the gate

Sunrise over Saskatoon

hover through the fog and filthy air

Hudson Valley

New Ark

Brightest day in New Jersey

Discourse didn’t want my RAW shots, and I didn’t feel like converting. Sorry for the low quality.

That’s all, thanks for readin’


Hmmm… looks a lot like Narita Airport Terminal 1. Is that the right answer?

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0/10 no tyler tilt

these are @Zachary level photos (bad)


kamryn is mid tbh



dope photos bro

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How was the flight @Pingu ? Bet the -300ER was lovely!

It was a pretty solid flight. Only complaint was that the flight attendant made me close my window shade, but it was fine since I really should have been sleeping anyways.


Ahh gotcha, that’s a shame but typical. Nice shots, hoping to fly the -300ER soon.

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