9SEP20 / 1830Z - QANTAS virtual group @ YPAD-YSSY


  • Aircraft and Livery: 737 QANTAS

  • Route: YPAD - YSSY

  • Time of Departure: 9:00 am Adelaide AUS

  • Server: Training

  • Additional Information: Be in the right aircraft livery.

Nice looking flight…however the time needs to be in ZULU time plus the time needs to be present in the title…

I’m sure it was just a typing error…

Here is an great Example topic my Misha Camp!

It is…the flight is in around an hour…according to the time…

@Archer the time in the title is wrong…it should be 08SEP20@2330Z if the event is on the 9th of September at 9am (Adelaide Time)

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@Archer looks good!

I can not attend bc i am doing a long haul rn
But i hope outer ppl can go :)

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