9OCT22 | Hudson River Fighter Jet Run

Mission Briefing

The Hudson River is a famous spot for low level flying. Flying through the Class Bravo Airspace at under 1500’ offers stunning view of New York City, New Jersey, and the surrounding area. Every May, NYC holds Fleet week and I’ve seen countless F/A-18 formations flying down the Hudson.

Video Credit: InterventioN746

Video Credit: ME!! (I took this video of the F/A-18s landing at Teterboro after their successful formation down the Hudson River in May of 2022.

All too often, I’ve seen F/A-18s F-16s, and F-22s all expertly navigating the river and one day I though: why not do this in Infinite Flight? With the recent release of the new F/A-18, I decided to give this a go with members of the IFC!!

Some more of my photos from the Hudson River F/A-18 sortie




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Date and Time


The Hudson River can be extremely narrow at some points, and to avoid collisions, some rules must be put into place.

  • While flying down the Hudson, all ATC instructions from KLGA Approach must be strictly adhered to avoid mid-air collisions.
  • While flying down the Hudson, stay on the right side of the river AT ALL TIMES.
( Some rules that should be followed, but it’s ok if you slip a bit)
Maximum Altitude 1000’ AGL
Minimum Speed 350 KIAS (Must be flown while navigating the river {Slower for the tight turns} )

Flight Plan

The given flight plan consists of a set of waypoints following certain entry points and landmarks. Although these waypoints define the intended path for the training, pilots should fly by hand and follow the general path of the waypoints.

Flight Briefing

Before departing, insert the waypoints CCV, SWL, and WNSTN into your flight plan before the fighter jet run and the waypoints COL, WHITE, CYN, VILLS, PROFS, BECKE, and JASSI into the f-plan after the fighter jet run. After departing, climb to 15,000 feet, (join up with you partner if you have one) and fly the route before descending to 1000ft to start the run. Follow the waypoints as best as you can, descending to the altitudes and adhering to the speeds I placed in the f-plan( HINT look at the waypoint names!!). Once you reach the Verrazano Bridge, contact KLGA App (if online) so you can be monitored incase of an emergency. After departing the river, climb to FL200 and continue back to KNTU.

F_A-18HudsonRiver.fpl (67.4 KB)

To download this flight plan, click on the file above on your mobile device and select “Save to Files”. Once in Infinite Flight, import the FPL file by going to the waypoints tab and clicking the opposite pointing arrows, and it should display in your simulator after selecting the file.


This event will be flown with every pilot for themselves. If you would like to fly in formation with someone else, please direct message that person and then let me know down below. Also, please advise in the comments below so each of you can be parked next to each other.

If you would like to sign up, please advise the livery you would like to fly in below. Also, please refer to your parking spot assigned by me to keep a general sense of order (requests are allowed).

Attendee F/A-18 Livery Parking Spot
@Zigler_AviationYT VFA-87 Golden Warriors West West 15-1
@United403 Maverick West West 10-1
@Hawker_IX Blue Angel 1 West West 10-2
@Aviation_Jerry Gunslingers West West 10-2
@Dr3ambigg3r Any West West 15-2


Whoever becomes ATC, please spawn 10 minutes before the event starts.

KLGA APPROACH(For entering the Class Bravo Airspace):

Event Details


Server: Expert
Location: KNTU - Naval Air Station Oceana
Aircraft: F/A-18E Super Hornet
Livery: Any (Preferably the VFA-87 Golden Warriors)
NOTAMS: If proper etiquette is shown, and the flight plan is flown correctly, you will not crash and no violations will be issued.
I am not responsible for any violations received during the event.

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Event is now open for signups!

May I join this in the
gunslingers livery
in the F/A-18E
wast 10-2

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I’ll join at the gate next to @Aviation_Jerry. I’d love to fly the F/A 18 in a maverick livery

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@United403 @Aviation_Jerry you have both been added. See you there!

Let’s get some more signups!

Let’s get some more signups!

Can I join at the gate next to @United403, I will fly the blue angel 1 livery

Sign me up broski

Both of you have been added!

Let’s get more signups!

Thank you kindly

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Event is in 5 days. Would anyone else like to sign up?

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