9OCT21 / 1100Z - Bristol airport fly out @ EGGD

Bristol flyout!

Bristol airport is the biggest hub in the
Southwest of England carrying 8.9 million passengers in 2019 and being one of EasyJet’s largest bases in the uk operating 77 routes. Jet2 recently opened a base in November last year and have quickly grown to become one of largest airlines at Bristol with 40 routes across Europe. Tui also operate many flights out the airport including the 787-8 which to flys twice a week from April to November to Cancun which is the longest flight from the airport.

I would like to see a bit more traffic at the airport as it is my closest international airport and enjoy doing flights there on infinite flight so would really appreciate if anyone wants to join.

I would also like to keep as realistic as possible and only operate realistic routes which can be pre Covid!

ATC status

Tower: @AviationChampion
Ground: @AviationChampion
ATIS: @AviationChampion


Server: Expert

Airport: EGGD

Date and time: 9th October 11Z

Bristol airport on infinite flight

787 parked up alongside other planes

Popular flights from Bristol

Short haul 50 minutes - 3 hours 45 minutes

EasyJet A320/19

EGGD-LXGB Gibraltar (3d)
EGGD-LCLK Larnaca (3d)
EGGD-EGPH Edinburgh (3D) @Arnav_Ola
EGGD-LPMA Funchal (3D)
EGGD-LEMD Madrid (3D)
EGGD-LGKF Kefalonia
EGGD-LIPZ Venice (3D)
EGGD-BIKF Keflavik (3D)
EGGD-LPPR Porto (3D)

Tui 737

EGGD-LCLK Larnaca (3D)
EGGD-GCTS Tenerife

Jet2 737

EGGD-LPMA Funchal (3D)
EGGD-LGSK Skiathos

Ryanair 737

EGGD-LEMD Madrid (3D)

Aer Lingus A320

EGGD-EIDW Dublin (3D) @CompetitiveDivide320

Wizz air A320

EGGD- EPKT Katowice

Lufthansa CRJ900

EGGD-EDDF (3D) @Mayank_Pawar

Medium to long haul flights 5 hours to 10


EGGD-MMUN Cancun 787 @Captain_Dreamliner
EGGD-GVAC Espargos 6 hours 757 @Cityflyer
EGGD-HEGN Hurghad 737 @AviatorEgcc
EGGD-HESH Sharm el-Sheikh 5:45 737

I’ve only put down a select few flights but there are many more so feel free to do any other realistic flight


if joining then if you could say what flight you want to do then comment here!

Hello! Mind adding an ATC status section in your post? I’d like to staff Tower, Ground & ATIS please.

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thanks! Not sure how to do this sorry do you know?

Doesn’t have to be fancy, just add this in your post:

ATC Status:

Tower: @AviationChampion
Ground: @AviationChampion
ATIS: @AviationChampion

Be sure to change your post ATC tag to #atc-staffed

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thanks for being atc helps the event out a lot!

You’re welcome! I’m always looking for events to staff so please feel free to tag me to request ATC services.

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Hi can I have the easyJet EGDD-EGPH

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Requesting this route please:

Thank You

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Hi I would take this one

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which airline? Aer lingus or Ryanair

Gate 26 is the only gate big enough so your assigned to that one!

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Ok thank you

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Sign me up please! :)

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Gate 24 if that’s ok!

What’s the longest flight out of Bristol ?

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Cancun on the Tui 787 10 hours

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Can u put me down for that please ?

someone else has requested the flight and there is only 1 gate at the airport that can handle the plane! Sorry

I’ll have Hurghada then please.

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