9NOV20 / 1800Z - Cross Country @ KBWI to KSJC


  • Aircraft and Livery : Southwest 737-800, Delta 737-800, Alaska 737-900 (any livery)

  • Route : KBWI - KSJC

  • Time of Departure : 1800Zulu, 1:00 PM

  • Server : Training

  • Additional Information: Pls let me know what gates u will be at in Baltimore!! Terminals A-C
    A1-A11, B2-B15 and C9–C14 are Southwest and Concourse D is Delta
    Expect ATC.
    This template helps me out the most sorry staff members

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Hello there! As stated per the category guidelines, group flights can only take place within three hours maximum of the event’s posting, while this one seems to take place in 5 days. This would have to be moved to #live:events if possible. Thanks!


I would like to be ATC.

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Adding on to Luke, please make sure to format the title as stated in the category rules.

Can I have help setting this up please

All the info is stated in the category rules

Like @Luke_Sta said you can only post #live:groupflights topics within 3 hours of your flight

So in between 1500Z and 1800Z, you can post this again

I know the info is in there I’m a 23 year old with special needs

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I know. I understand.

But, you have to follow the category instructions here.

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Groip Flights must be done within 3hrs before the flight occurs. Title format must be: DDMMYY / HHMMZ - title @ ICAO - ICAO. You cannot display gates to take or ATC places.

I fixed your title for you.

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Take a look on how this Group flight is done:

Thanks for fixing it @MJP_27

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Can I PM with u @MJP_27

Sure you can!

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