9NOV20 / 0445Z - My 1,000th Hour Flight @LLBG-KMIA

My 1,000th Hour Flight!

  • Aircraft and Livery:

  • Route:
    LLBG-KMIA (FPL will be available on spawn at LLBG)

  • Time of Departure:
    2020-11-09T04:45:00Z2020-11-09T16:00:00Z (estimated arrival time)

  • Server:

Additional Information:

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who has supported me on the IFC. I’ve been playing infinite flight since 2016, I only really started flying again during quarantine. Since 2016, I’ve racked up tons of hours. My current hour mark is at 991 hours and 55 minutes, 8 hours and 5 minutes away from 1,000. I clearly remember my first flight. I was with my friend who used to play, but now has quit. I purchased the A320, and I remember how astonishing it was to be able to fly a JetBlue aircraft. That was my dream for years, and influence played me to come true. Infinite flight really sparked my interest in aviation, and I am so proud to be able to say that I will be 1000 hour pilot. The reason why am picking Tel Aviv to Miami for this fight is because that this is the last flight I took before COVID ended, it’s also very special to me because Israel is where a lot of my history is, and… yeah. This is the first picture I actually have of me on a plane. I’ve flown since I was literally zero, but I was 8 when the captain let me sit on his seat of a JetBlue E190 from FLL-DCA. I blurred my face out, but this was a very special thing for me as well. I hope to see you all there

Below are just some people who I would like to specifically think who have helped me on this journey. I’ve had many of other people help me, but these people of been with me since I started using the IFC: @Z-Tube @ToasterStroodie @IF787 @Captain-787 @Pingu @ItsBlitz @CPT_HILD @MJP_27 @Rolls @BritishAirways001 @Aviation2929 @Austrian001 @ran @Flightistic @Zhopkins @Canadian_Aviator @USA_ATC @Alec and many more!


Congrats! I won’t be able to join as I have another flight planned at the time. I wish you the best of luck on your flight!


Aww thanks adding me to the list! Unfortunately I can’t join cause it is very late for me, but I wish I could!

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Did you mean Nov9 also congratulations I have been flying in IF for about 7 years and nowhere near 1,000 hours hope you enjoy the flight!

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Oops. Thanks. I fixed it

Also nice shading btw lol.

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Thank you for this. im sorry but I can not come

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I won’t be able to make it, sadly. I’ll be stuck in school as it’s not a virtual day tomorrow. 😔

Regardless, I wish you a safe flight and congratulations!

I’m glad I’ve been apart of your IF journey as well. It’s been an honor to have you as staff at LYVA, and I look forward to many more adventures!

Sounds like a great flight mate, also congrats on 1,000 hours. Sadly I won’t be ably to make it. 🥺 I would of only just been dismissed from school & I would be 3AM when it finishes.

Imagine having school… Mine got canceled because of the storm. They canceled all virtual classes as well… Yay.

All good, thank you!


I would love to join but it’s so late for me my mom would kill me Obviously not literally

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No worries, I live in Australia so we are allowed back at school. We have had 9 days of zero covid cases!

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😂, Mine too.

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I live in the US my schools are shut down

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Where I live we r up to 6,000 cases now

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Congratulations! Unfortunately, since school is tomorrow, there’s a chance that I may not be able to join, but I may be able to join you for this flight!


I wonder who Shadow Man is?

Haha jk…

I can probably come, love this monumental step in your Virtual Fight career!

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I won’t be able to make it sorry :(

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Anyone else?